Delivering Corporate Legal Counsel & Aggressive Employment Litigation

Businesses are founded out of a passion for a particular industry and an identified opportunity to have an affect in the marketplace. While most business owners are experts in their particular field, they are rarely experts in the business of doing business.

At The Myers Law Group, we are passionate about the business of business. Our wide range of legal services and the passion in which we deliver them is why our clients choose to partner with The Myers Law Group as their go-to legal counsel on all employment, professional and corporate issues.

Whether starting up a new business, employing legal services to assist in navigating the legal day-to-day business operations or litigating a lawsuit in court,

The Myers Law Group provides the necessary support to help corporations achieve success.

Success in the corporate environment is a steep climb filled with challenging obstacles. The attorneys at The Myers Law Group provide the support companies need to successfully reach the summit.

Texas Office (map):

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Suite 390
Dallas, TX 75231

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Louisiana Office (map):

1100 Poydras Street 
Suite 2602
New Orleans, LA 70163

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